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Bisalloy Jigang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bisalloy Jigang) which is located in Jinan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd, 21 Gongyebei Rd. Jinan City Shandong Province, PRC, is jointly founded by Jinan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd and Bisalloy Steel Group Co., Ltd. With an independent import and export operation rights, Bisalloy Jigang is mainly held by Jinan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd.
Under the joint effort of the two parties, Bisalloy Jigang is founded on 22nd July 2011. Bisalloy Steel Group Co., Ltd authorizes the use of their technology and trademarks to Bisalloy Jigang; Jinan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd provides the heat treatment line for Bisalloy Jigang; and Bisalloy Jigang sell Bisplate and provide technical services.
With nearly 30 years’ production experience, Bisalloy Steel Group Co., Ltd develops “Bisplate” into an international brand name, and “Bisplate” is a patent technical product for Bisalloy Steel Group Co., Ltd. Bisalloy Jigang’s Bisplates are high strength structural plates and abrasion resistant plates, which are produced according to Bisalloy Steel Group Co., Ltd’s production process and technical formula. Bisplates are widely used in mining and machinery industries, and have good performance in use.
The grades of Bisplates which are provided by Bisalloy Jigang are Bisplate 500, Bisplate 400, Bisplate 450 and Bisplate 80. The specification range is 6—60*1800—3100*6000—12000mm. With the Marketing philosophy of “First-Class Technology, First-Class Quality, and First-Class Service ", Bisalloy Jigang set the goal to build an international High-quality product base and create values for the customers as our pursuit.
Let’s work together to create a better future.


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