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Founded in 1958, Jinan Steel is the largest steel company in Shandong Province and the largest steel plates manufacturer & exporter in China, with employees of more than 38,000 and total assets of 16.7 billion Yuan. Main procession includes: coking, sintering, iron making, steel making and steel rolling. Main products include: steel plates, bars, rebar, channels, angels, coke by-products, ductile cast iron pipes, etc.

Facing with challenge of globalized economy and opportunity of construction of a richer society, Jinan Steel will insist on the new type industrializing way, developing itself into steel plates manufacturing base of first ranking in China and leading in the world. More technology reforming and structure adjusting will be performed. Prominence will be given to production of steel plates and the diversified service to individual customers. We will keep laying emphasis on the best quality, lowest cost, and varied specs. High tech content and high value added of the products. The facilities are turning mass, compact and automation, the products structure changing to more high-grade from original carbon steel only. Jinan Steel is believed to be in row of leading companies in steel Industry.

Jinan Steel has got qualified certificates on quality, security and environment guarantee system. It conforms to the three systems early in China and get qualified in marketing & service system. The steel plates for ship building are certified by 11 ship class bureaus from 10 countries.

Jinan Steel has been one of the outstanding companies with best quality & efficiency, and won Special Award and National Quality Management Award. In the newly erected 120t210t converter, new technologies are in application. The steel plate rolling mill is provided the strongest rolling force and highest accuracy in China. Jinan Steel insists on developing clean procession, manufacturing green products to meet the individual requirement of the customers. The flagship product of steel plates has set a good image in domestic and abroad.

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