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Bisalloy Jigang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co., LTD is a CJV established by Jinan Iron & Steel Co., LTD and Bisalloy Steel Co., LTD, focusing on developing, product and sales of “BISPLATE” high strength structure and wear-resisting plate.
Bisalloy Jigang product high strength wear-resisting steel plate of BISPLATE400BISPLATE450BISPLATE500 and high strength structure steel plate through the most advanced Steelmaking –Rolling-Heat treatment product line, under the technical support by Bisalloy Steel, providing the recipe, processing technology and quality control system.  
Bisalloy was founded in 1980, Australia's only manufacturer of high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plate. After 30 years continuous research and technology improvement, Bisalloy has established the world famous product with brand name of “BISPLATE”. The product is under independent intellectual property rights, bisalloy’s special recipe and treatment.
Jinan Iron & Steel Co., LTD is one of the largest steel enterprises of China, and the domestic important media and heavy plate production base, with the prolific technology and experience on manufacturing steel plate. The new product line is equipped world first-class equipment, adopting the advanced production technology and processes, and realizes the high-end steel products manufacturing. Jinan Steel started to cooperation with Bisalloy in 2005, provide the green-feed to Bisalloy. After 6 years of successful cooperation, Jinan Steel has provide 80% of Bisalloy’s green-feed demand.
Bisalloy Jigang purchase green-feed from Jinan Steel. The production of green-feed is strict controlled from the hot-metal, that the chemical position should be analyses before steelmaking process, and using high quality scrap steel in order to minimize the impurity. Steelmaking process Comply with the Bisalloy operation control system, that each node will be monitored and recorded, and the abnormal points will be real-time feedback. Only chemical composition qualified casting slab will be send for rolling. Rolling equipment, which realizes automatic control, has a self-adaptive function to accurately control rolling parameters and assure the type and size of steel plate.
The green-feed will be strict tested according with Bisalloy standards, and qualified green-feed will be heat treated under the supervision of Bisalloy Jigang. Heat treatment process in Jigang heat treatment line has achieved success for each grade of different size, under the guidance of Bisalloy experts. The mechanic properties and its uniformity on the plate can be accordance with Bisalloy standards. The flatness tolerance is 6 mm / 2 m. Bisalloy Jigang is in charge of quality control and inspecting of every plate. The test and stencil standards is the same as Bisalloy.
The technical research and quality manager team of Bisalloy Jigang is formed by both Bisalloy Jigang technology department and Bisalloy technical experts. They regularly communicate or visit each other for technology and solving the production problems, in order to improve the production technology. In addition to this, Bisalloy Jigang cooperates with Jinan Steel experienced engineer technicists to control product quality. Meanwhile,  utilize Jinan Steel state-level technology center to research and development production of BISPLATE and the machining. The accumulation of a large amount data of BISPLATE steel plate in cutting, drilling, welding, molding, mechanical processing and product application, enable us to providing best service to our customer.
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